Leather a Spring time Luxury

Bikers and Bombers with a vintage feel

New Shapes and colors define the Leather theme of Summer 2016 men’s collection.

The quintessential piece of Spring outerwear for the discerning gentleman, the leather jacket can be interpreted in a plethora of different ways, from the iconic biker to the classic leather bomber. New shapes, and a warm palette of colours from green to burgundy and pink, passing by ice, black and the timeless cognac, characterize the Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2015 collection.

This Spring, Dolce&Gabbana leather, whether a classic biker, a quilted bomber with a hood or a style conscious ice white and black detailing jacket, has been treated for a vintage and rugged look yet it is supple to the touch.

Etched in our memories, imagination and culture, as well as rendered timeless by the likes of Hollywood royalty such as James Dean and Marlon Brando, the leather jacket has gone from “Rebel without a cause” to prestigious must have in the discerning man’s wardrobe. The perfect meeting point between luxury, status and fashion, the leather jacket is the mainstay in a gentleman’s wardrobe, or so it should be.



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