The Travelling Yeti

Fluffy and fun, where will the Yeti head to next?

Discover the latest adventure of the Yeti, not the abominable snowman, but the fashionable snowman.

Dolce&Gabbana has finally found that white fluffy mythological creature chased by so many for centuries: the Yeti! This incredible discovery is even more significant, as the true nature of the beast has now been revealed: yes he is white, and fluffy but also a lover of fashion!

Since hiding out in Nepal, now that he has come out to play, the Yeti has been travelling the world making appearances in a variety of Dolce&Gabbana store windows. From Asia to Aspen, passing by Milan and NYC the Yeti has been delighting young and old with his fluffiness, somewhat goofy demeanour and incredible adventures.

Stay tuned to find out where the Yeti will appear next!



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