True love on camera

San Valentino fashion shoot

Dolce&Gabbana celebrate real love with Bianca Balti and Matthew McRae, and bloggers Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli in a special Valentine’s Day shoot.

Dolce&Gabbana have dedicated an entire capsule collection to the day of lovers, and wishes to portray love in different ways, as well as catching a glimpse of what real love between two public figures looks like behind closed doors. Spoiler – they’re not much different from all of us – love, indeed unifies us all.  Bianca Balti, Dolce&Gabbana muse and modern mother lends her world famous beauty to the San Valentino Collection along with her partner Matthew McRae in a very special shoot. The couple let us have a glimpse into some of their moments of intimacy.

In bed, enjoying breakfast, but especially enjoying each other’s company. The way the hold hands, look at each other, smile, there’s no acting here – its real love. For their relaxed lounging around moments, the couple wear the San Valentino Collection’s more casual looks, with Matthew in a t-shirt emblazoned with heats, and Bianca, a silk camisole also printed with hearts and writing. For the evening out, the couple change into more Valentine’s Day themed outfits from the Dolce&Gabbana collection, and we’re in a lift with them while they enjoy one last minute of intimacy and solitude before walking into the real world for their romantic date night.

But Bianca and Matthew aren’t the only couple we’ve shot in the San Valentino Collection. Another it duo, a blogger couple made up of Russian born, citizen of the world, current Milan resident Patricia Manfield and her Italian boyfriend Giotto Calendoli. The couple run The Atelier, a lifestyle blog created by Patricia that mixes photography, travelling and fashion all into one single universe. These two stylish youngsters are a fixture at all the fashion shows, always side by side, and sometimes stealing a moment for a quick kiss before they put on their fashion blogger persona. We shot them, off duty, in their moments of intimacy and fun. Ah, young love.

Photographer: Davide Gallizio
Hair and Makeup: Cosma de Marinis



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