A declaration of love

Valentine’s Day Jewellery

The heart motif jewels enhanced by delicate roses from the San Valentino Capsule Collection make for the perfect gift and declaration of endless love.

Sometimes the tried and tested methods are the best – and jewellery as a gift for Valentine’s Day is by all means one of those instant associations that will prove both failsafe and timeless. While a well-researched super creative gift will certainly knock her socks off, why not stick to simple romance for Valentine’s Day? Dolce&Gabbana know romance, and the special San Valentino Capsule Collection reinvents traditional symbols of love with the brand’s naïf and sometimes ironic aesthetic, without compromising on luxury. Red crystal hearts and pretty roses come together to make delicate yet impacting jewels which are just begging to be unwrapped on Valentine’s Day by your sweetheart.



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