A fashion apparition

Discover the story and the making of the Devotion Bag

The Devotion Bag came down to Earth on the wings of mechanical angels. Guided by the rotors of a cutting-edge drone, it arrived in flight before the disbelieving eyes of the spectators at the Women’s Fall Winter 2018-19 Fashion Show. It was a fashion apparition, a dream come true.


Devotion is love, limitless and unconditional. It goes beyond the boundaries of time and space. It lasts forever.


Devotion drives Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They are devoted to style, hard work, detail, innovation, religion, craftsmanship and creativity. They are devoted, most of all, to fashion, their greatest love and inspiration.

Fundamental to this devotion is their respect for the handmade, an acute sense of proportion, plus a love for elegance, contrasts, colours, fabrics, refined materials and quality. These are the values that encapsulate the heart of Made in Italy and which are central to the aesthetics and imagination of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.


It represents a story of timeless roots and tradition that runs hand-in-hand with experimentation and innovation. It reflects and respects a diverse world, made up of multiple voices and unique personalities. It is a sign of devotion and understanding towards the culture of the Millennials: young people born in the age of the web, formidable interpreters of the present and future with its infinite facets.

The new Devotion Bag is an exquisite affirmation of all these values.


The sacro cuore, or sacred heart, garlanded by pearls and foliage with the DG logo at their centre, is the bag’s metal clasp, and it is hand-tooled in micro forged brass and copper using the same techniques traditionally applied by artisan jewellers.

Watch the making of the Devotion Bag, this precious new object of desire.



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