This summer, the Sunlight collection invites us to enjoy the warm glow of the Mediterranean atmosphere with a Make Up collection that bathes the complexion in Capri’s golden sunlight.

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_eyes_perfect_mono_eyeshadow_bronze_50_formula_shot

    Perfect Mono Eyeshadow

    Bronze 50

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes perfect mono eyeshadow gold dust formula shot

    Perfect Mono Eyeshadow

    Gold Dust 20

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_eyes_the_eyeliner_coffee_2_texture_formula_shot

    The Eyeliner in Coffee 2

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_eyes_passioneyes_mascara_nero_1_formula_shot

    Passioneyes Mascara in Nero 1

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_face_millennialskin_tinted_moisturizer_porcelain_light_1_formula shot



    Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_face_the_bronzer_natural_10_formula_shot

    The Bronzer

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_face_highlighter_drops_sunrise_formula_shot

    Sunlight Liquid Highlighter

    in Sunrise 01

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_lips_miss_sicily_2017_agata__620_formula_shot

    Miss Sicily in

    Agata 620


  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_nails_the_nail_lacquer_light_blue_821_formula_shot

    The Nail Lacquer in

    Light Blue 735

  • dolce_and_gabbana_make_up_nails_the_nail_lacquer_golden_sun_816_formula_shot

    The Nail Lacquer in

    Sunrise 816

  •  STEP 1:

Apply Millennialskin On-The-Glow Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 for an effortless and natural look. Its lightweight texture is so comfortable on the skin and the SPF30 protects your skin from the sun rays.


  • STEP 2:

For a perfect summer glow, use The Bronzer along the hollow of the cheeks and just under the jawline. Capture the luminous glow of Capri’s golden light by applying the new Sunlight Liquid Highlighter in Sunrise 01. Pinch the dropper to release the quantity of liquid highlighter you desire and apply 1 to 2 drops onto the apples of your cheeks. Gently blend the texture in circular movements with your fingers to fuse the pigments with your skin.  Dab a small quantity on the outer corner of your eyelid for an illuminating gaze.


  • STEP 3:

Create a dazzling look with two shimmery shades of Perfect Mono Eyeshadow. Apply Bronze 50 to create the perfect base, then blend and add Gold Dust 20 all over the eyelid and in the corner of the eyes for a luminous finish.


  • STEP 4:

To get more depth in your gaze, softly define the lash line with The Eyeliner in Coffee 2 before curling and maximizing the volume of the lashes with Passioneyes Mascara in Nero 1. Finally, create intense brows with Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo in Natural Blonde 1.


  • STEP 5:

Subtly tint your lips by applying the glossy berry colour of Miss Sicily in Agata 620.


  • STEP 6:

As a final touch, paint your nails with The Nail Lacquer in Light Blue 735 adding a coat of Sunrise 816 to mimic the reflection of the sun on the Mediterranean.


  • STEP 7:

Finally spray Light Blue Sun for an unforgettable fruity floral scent with solar notes.


Burnished bronzes and shimmering golds make lips and nails shine bright. The new limited edition Sunlight Liquid Highlighter bathes the contours of the face in two glowing shades.

Flashes of sky blue gives the eyes and nails a touch of Mediterranean colour.