Dolce&Gabbana Beauty introduces Peony Lovers, the new Make Up Collection for Spring 2019: an ode to the peony, the queen of spring flowers.
A palette of refreshingly vivid shades, the collection echoes the peony's enchanting allure.

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes the eyeshadow quad 110 nude texture formula shot

    The Eyeshadow Quad in NUDE 110

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes emotioneyes eyeliner stylo terra 2 formula shot

    Emotioneyes High Definition Eyeliner Stylo in

    TERRA 2

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes passioneyes mascara 1 nero formula shot

    Passioneyes Mascara in

    NERO 1

  • dolce and gabbana make up eyes browpowder brunette formula shot

    Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo

  • dolce and gabbana make up face millennialskin porcelain 1 formula shot



    Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

  • dolce and gabbana make up face millennialskin longwear concealer 01 formula shot



    Longwear Concealer

  • dolce and gabbana make up face blush touch candy 2 formula shot

    Blush Touch in

    CANDY 2

  • dolce and gabbana make up lips dolcissimo matte candy 17 formula shot

    Dolcissimo in

    CANDY 17


  • dolce and gabbana make up nails the nail lacquer peacock 321 formula shot

    The Nail Lacquer in


  •  STEP 1:

Apply Millennialskin On-The-Glow Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 for an effortlessly natural look. Its lightweight texture is perfectly comfortable on the skin.


  • STEP 2:

Correct and illuminate with Millennialskin On-The-Glow Longwear Concealer by using the applicator to apply three dots under each eye. Pat gently with your fingertips and blend one dot on the eyelids to unify and create a perfect make-up base.


  • STEP 3:

Create a natural pink glow with the new Blush Touch in Candy 2. Press the upper side of the stick to release the product into the cushion applicator. Then, gently dab the cushion onto the apples of your cheeks in circular movements. For a perfect colourful finish, subtly blend in the texture with your fingers.


  • STEP 4:

Sublimate your gaze with the intriguing harmony of the Eyeshadow Quad in Nude 110. First, intensify your look by applying the deep dahlia shade under the crease of your eyelid. Then, blend the shimmery coral on the outer corner of your eye and under your eyebrow.


  • STEP 5:

To get more intensity, define the lash line with Emotioneyes High Definition Eyeliner Stylo in Terra 2 before curling and maximizing the volume of the lashes with Passioneyes Mascara in Nero 1.


  • STEP 6:

 Create perfect eyebrows offering the perfect balance of buildable colour and definition with Emotioneyes Brow Powder Duo. Start by brushing the hair up using the applicator. Then, mix the two shades together to achieve your perfect eyebrow colour match and finish by brushing the eyebrows again to blend in the colour.


  • STEP 7:

 Finalize your make up pinking up your lips with Dolcissimo in Candy 17.


  • STEP 8:

As a final touch, paint your nails with The Nail Lacquer in Dolce Peony 321.


  • STEP 9:

Finally, spray the new Dolce Peony fragrance for an unforgettable scent.


Feminine and romantic, the colour palette offers new tones of pinks, punctuated by touches of coral.

The textures are soft, inspired by the light-hearted beauty of the peony.

Blush takes centre stage with the all-new Blush Touch, a cushion stick for cheeks, easy to apply and adding a weightless blush to the skin.