Spring Summer 2017 Collection


The vibrant atmosphere of the dance floor

The desire to be distinctive drives the lives of young rebels, fuels their rousing music and is turned into creative energy. Provocation and creativity give rise to new musical genres, just as freshness and audacity generate glamorous trends and exciting new styles.

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A pageant of bold tones and hues

The roses revitalize the traditional motifs of maiolica and the Sicilian painted cart, to the rhythm of seductive tropical dances and Mediterranean melodies. The brightly colored garments are a celebration of irreverent feminity, bursting with life.

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Colours and shapes inspired by the world of sailing

Elements that evoke the charm of sunny beaches and wind-filled sails combine with good luck symbols from the Sicilian tradition reinterpreting typical marine fashion in a romantic and feminine key.

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Quintessentially Dolce&Gabbana

Figure skimming little black dresses and black lace, which has deep roots in Sicily, tell a story of passion and love for one’s roots. The fusion of Sicilian heritage and Italian craftsmanship makes these items instantly recognizable.

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Polka Dots

A timeless style

The colour black and the polka dot motifs, always in vogue dince the 1950s, embody the most refined feminity and the most extreme seductiveness.

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Tropical City

Sun and joy at the Tropics

Funny pineapples to cheer up your summer with colorful and joyful looks.

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Mini Me

Dressing like adults has never been more fun

The Children’s collection was born to reflect a mini version of the Men’s and Women’s lines: create a mini me look ideal for the whole family.

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