Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Botanical Garden

From Banana Leaf prints to Oneiric Gardens

Inspired by the luscious trees of the Botanical Garden of Palermo, the banana leaf print features apparel and accessories with luxurious finishes like embroidered insects, sequins and wicker work details. While the delicate garden print takes inspiration from a surreal Victorian garden where the elements merge randomly, almost magically.

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Italian traditional Handicrafts become a fashion statement

Hand-painted ceramics provide the inspiration for the majolica prints, exuberant reds, yellows, blues and greens, stylised flowers and leaves create wonderful decorative motifs. The hand-knotted fringes of the hems and sleeves are a tribute to Italian craftsmanship.

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Family is everything

The instantly recognizable naif patches which have come to represent the #DGFAMILY decorate t-shirts, tank tops, tunic and mini dresses.

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Fairy tale motifs

Cats, soldiers, stars and class slippers come to life on there pieces, recreating the dreamlike atmosphere of fairy tales. The characters and toys of our childhood transformed into fantastical decorations which, as if by magic, turn our dreams into reality.

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Floral symbols of love

Embroidered and printed on black, the tulip is a symbol of love and purity. Its simple shape and varied shades make every garment special and unique.

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Modern Princess

Lace edging, sheer draping, elegant finishing, rustling frills: every single detail contributes too making these evening dresses unique, enhancing precious fabrics, sculptural forms and sensual cuts.

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