Fall Winter 2016/17 Collection

Sicilian garden

An unexpected interpretation of nature

The natural luxuriance of Sicily and the exuberant tradition of the “carretto” have been reinterpreted in unexpected camouflages that play on the shades of dark green, brown and grey, while stylised foliage and flowers create elegant ramage patterns on precious fabrics.


Villino Florio

Sicilian Belle Epoque at its finest

The sparkling, avant-garde atmosphere of the Sicilian Belle Epoque represented by the Villino Florio in Palermo lives on in the refined elegance of the floral prints, whose soft arboreal lines evoke the splendour and charm of the Art Nouveau period.



Slogan t‑shirts with a romantic message

The prints and embroideries of the t-shirts are a declaration of love for life, a tribute to Italian festiveness, a celebration of the family, a Sicilian serenade sung to win over the most enchanting of all the ladies.


The polo shirt and the crown

A symbol of elegance

Once worn for sporting purposes, the polo shirt has become a symbol of elegant attire. And the small crown sewn onto the breast constitutes a seal of the importance and authority it has acquired in the masculine wardrobe.



Family is Everything

The instantly recognizable naif patches which have come to represent the #DGFAMILY in all its interpretations decorate t-shirts, and accessories ranging from small leather goods to footwear.