Summer 2016 Collection

Birds of Paradise

Hummingbirds and parrot prints

Inspired by the beauty and freedom which hummingbirds and parrots symbolize ornithological prints feature in the Dolce&Gabbana Men’s collection.


Sartorial Denim

Elevating denim

Till now considered casual wear, denim has been elevated to the status of sartorial fabric, suitable for all occasions, even the most formal.


The Gentleman

Eccentric tailoring for a contemporary gentleman.

Characterized by his noble manners and refined tastes the contemporary gentleman distinguishes himself through his eccentric, yet impeccable clothing.


The Tuxedo

A wardrobe that goes beyond classic formal wear

Excellent cut and appropriate choice of fabrics are accompanied by the quest for absolute aesthetic refinement, simple yet flawless in every detail.


The dressing gown

A man’s intimate luxury

A luxury that a man allows himself in his own space, the robe’s prized materials, exquisite details and refined prints enveloping him.


Fine Tailoring

Fine tailoring is the soul of Dolce&Gabbana’s clothing for men

The artisanal art of a handmade garment is founded on measurements and the choice of materials: the perfect balance between creativity and technique.


The Polo shirt and the Crown

A symbol of elegant attire

Once worn exclusively for sporting purposes, the polo shirt, sealed with the symbol of the crown has acquired authority in the masculine wardrobe.



Casual chic for the off duty gentleman

Luxurious and stylish bomber jackets, rucksacks and sneakers have become the uniform for the off duty gentleman.