Spring Summer 2017 Collection


Where the tailor becomes a composer

Every detail, whether a stitch or a note, contributes to the final result: an impeccable suit, like a piece of music, is the fruit of balance and measure, improvisation and meticulousness, creative flair and technical mastery.

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Palm Leaves

Wind in Palermo’s gardens

Like an orchestra conductor directs his musician, the Mediterranean breeze directs the fronds gentle motion and enriches the garments creating unique patterns on casual looks.

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Sense of belonging

Belonging to a club means an affinity of taste, thought and intentions among its members. The logo of a club embroidered onto a garment celebrates shared goals and passions.

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The jazz singers and clubs musicians are back

Unforgettable performance of shows where scores meander across fabric in an explosion of fantastical notes.

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Polo and T‑Shirt

Elegant Polo shirts and colorful t‑shirts

The polo shirt, which has become a symbol of elegant attire, alternates with super colorful t-shirts where music is the undisputed protagonist.

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Mini Me

Dressing like adults has never been more fun

The Children’s collection was born to reflect a mini version of the Men’s and Women’s lines: create a mini me look ideal for the whole family.

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