Dress your lips for a kiss

Dolce&Gabbana’s first colour and care lipstick, Miss Sicily


16th April 2017

Dear Diary,

Dolce&Gabbana have released a new lipstick and I am totally fascinated by it… borderline obsessed! I have been experimenting with all the different shades to see just how easy this colour and care lipstick is to apply.


At first, I thought I’d try with the classic red and overcome my fear that the Maria would go on my front teeth and it would be a disaster… But honestly, it was so easy I almost didn’t need the mirror! Plus, the naming convention is so charming! It really helps when choosing the colour you want… don’t you find that sometimes when you go shopping for a lipstick of a specific colour, you get so indecisive over the shade? You try them all on your hand about one thousand times and can never make your mind up.
Well, given that the Miss Sicily lipsticks are named after Sicilian women and are a reflection of their vibrant nature… the descriptions to each shade will no doubt help you in that decision.

For example, the family of purples are one of mystery and determination. Annunziata will leave you spell bound as she bewitches you with her bright purple lips. Domenica’s determination is further highlighted by a smile coloured in reassuring rosewood. And whilst Onofria seems quiet, her plum lipstick gives her that seducing hint of mystery. As soon as I read Onofria’s description, I knew it was something that would attract my attention, so I tried in on and instantly fell in love!


The other day I was out with my friends and I experimented with them by describing the name of the lipstick and asking them to choose which one they wanted, it was amazing to see the results! All the girls were more than happy with what they got! My sister is always such a positive person that when she heard the description of Filomena’s vivacious colour bringing a touch of radiance to the room, I knew it would suit her! My housemate on the other hand may appear timid, but in reality she holds a great amount of sensuality, so Antonia’s nude bronze perfectly underscored her lips and was the perfect shade for her.


The Miss Sicily truly has a colour to make you feel your most confident, wherever you are or whatever you’re doing!