From the first moment Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana began their creative relationship, they shared a unique vision, that of enhancing a woman’s natural beauty, empowerment and well-being. This vision is deeply rooted in the values of the Mediterranean lifestyle: the celebration of family, friends, food, nature, and an irrepressible joy in living. Beautiful skin is not distant, or unachievable. It is natural, effortless, and above all – real; defined by confidence, positivity, and kindness.


This type of beauty attracts attention: not through purpose or artifice, never through contrived attitude. It creates a presence; an aura – or ‘aurea’ – that is impossible to ignore. We feel it, we remember it: it holds us captive. The Designers’ Skincare vision, therefore, is founded in one simple truth. Beautiful skin, full of life, has the power to captivate others.


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana


There’s an element of magic running through Dolce&Gabbana’s cultural heritage based on the number 3.

3 “S”s: Sicily, Sartorial ability, Sensuality, the brand’s founding pillars.

3 are the rules of growth: energy to begin, germination, fertility.

3 is the perfect number.

3 are the corners Sicily has.

3 are the legs of Trinacria on its flag.

3 are Sicily’s legendary nymphs.


According to legend, Sicily and its triangular shape derive from the imagination of 3 water nymphs.
Having danced the world over, the nymphs gathered up a handful of the most fertile land they found and
created an island with it. Each nymph then went to rest at each of its 3 capes:


Capo Peloro (Messina) in the East, Capo Passero (Syracuse) in the South,
and Capo Libero (Palermo) in the West.