The Concept

Martin Scorsese and Dolce&Gabbana celebrate the iconic scents Dolce&Gabbana The One and The One for Men. The new advertising campaign is a story of unbridled emotion. A story of Italy; of Hollywood; and of the world. Its classic cinematic style evokes both the grandeur of the golden years of Hollywood, and the passion and emotion of Europe’s greatest cinema icons. It is a celebration of passion, of beauty, and of being unique.


The Fragrance

First came the scent for women: a reflection of its wearer, Dolce&Gabbana The One is at once warm and enigmatic, preserving its sparkling splendour for those fortunate enough to capture it. Next came Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men, a masculine counterpart full of sophistication: engaging and exhilarating, it is a scent for the man who cannot help but command the attention of those around him.