Lively top notes evoke a Mediterranean summer, softened by a gentle floral heart.
A gentle, feminine mix of white flowers leading to a sensual signature scent.
A perfume of passion, inspired by the magic of Sicily.
Neroli top notes give way to a potent floral heart and vanilla base notes.
A harmony of contrasts, with subtle top notes yielding to an intense heart.
A warm, oriental floral eau de parfum with modern sensuality.
Flirtatious pink grapefruit and cassis top notes belie a passionate rose heart.
Fresh top notes lead to an intense floral heart and a smooth rich base.
An understated oriental fragrance created for the modern gentleman.
A fresh, clean scent that celebrates the deepest values of sport and life.
A perfume capturing the fresh, spicy, sensual scents of the Mediterranean.
Fresh citrus notes give way to an aromatic heart and a sensual woody base.
A spicy oriental perfume, developed with tobacco and boisé base notes.
A smoky scent inspired by the hidden treasures of the Middle East.
A tribute to the joyful scent of orange blossom in Sicily.
Sophisticated and exotic, rich ebony woods express deep sensuality.
Intense patchouli drenched with Kephalis evokes the scent of incense.
Scents of a Mediterranean summer with a sense of refined elegance.
A decadent explosion of intoxicating frangipani, gardenia and tuberose.
A tender, velvety rose perfume carrying the whisper of the Orient.
A hypnotic perfume, rich and textured, with a retro touch.