Blush of Roses

Creamy Blush

Rosa Carina 30

Creamy Blush

Rosa Aurora 10

Creamy Blush

Rosa Calizia 20

Creamy Blush

Rosa Alchimista 40

Creamy Blush

Rosa del Deserto 50

Creamy Blush

Rosa del Mattino 60


Blush of Roses is Dolce&Gabbana’s first Creamy Face Colour Collection. Comprising of four Creamy Blush shades, one Creamy Bronzer and one Creamy Illuminator, the new creamy and lightweight formula offers a unique and personalised contouring experience for a natural healthy-looking glow.




Created for the woman seeking a creamy texture and easy application for a glowing, luminous skin.




- Creamy, lightweight formula glides smoothly onto skin

- Colours can be mixed and built up easily

- Provides effortless contouring

- Natural and healthy-looking skin

- Available in four blusher shades, one bronzer and one illuminator

Follow these three simple steps to create natural and healty-looking skin


Step 1: Colour for healthy- looking cheecks To achieve the effect of blushing, apply your desired shade of Creamy Blush to the apples of the cheeks and along the cheekbones, using your fingertips.


Step 2: Sculpt for Glow Apply Creamy Bronzer in Rosa del Deserto underneath the cheekbones and just below the chin to sculpt and create a Mediterranean glow.


Step 3: Lighten for radiance Finish by blending the Creamy Illuminator in Rosa del Mattino along the top of the cheekbones, on the top of the eyes, on the cupid’s bow and down the nose to lighten the face and create a radiant look.